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The window to make a donation is still open.

We are still accepting donations from those who wish to participate and support the local businesses who do so much to enrich our summers.

Although we disbursed our initial grants in early June, we recognize there are still people who want to show their support. 


We will keep the giving window open until mid-June and disburse remaining funds to the qualifying businesses.

There are three ways to contribute: 

  • Credit Card: Use the form on this page

  • Check: Send a check payable to

    Summer Residents Association
    Covid-19 Relief Fund
    P.O. Box 142
    Northeast Harbor, ME 04662


  • Wire: Email John Boynton at for instructions

The generosity of all donors will be tastefully recognized on a sign board

displayed at the center of Main Street in Northeast Harbor.

Fine print:  Because we are a 501(c)4 organization, your gift is not tax deductible. 


We plan to post the names of all donors to recognize their generosity. If you prefer your donation to be anonymous, you can check the "anonymous" box when making your donation online or let us know by email if you are donating by check or wire.  The donor list will be updated nightly.  

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