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Covid-19 struck... and the SRA struck back!

The Summer Residents Association of the Town of Mount Desert (SRA) recognizes the threat Covid-19 poses to the retail, restaurant, and tourism-driven businesses that are the backbone of our community.  Based on the feedback we gathered through a survey we recently conducted in partnership with the Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce and Town of MDI, many of those local businesses are feeling this unfortunate pressure.  With your support, the SRA is trying to do our part to help out. 

Our goal is to raise
as much as we can  
and distribute 

to the

local businesses we love and appreciate
in the form of

Over 60 businesses have applied for support.

Enjoy the video? We've got more! Check out others from business owners who want to say hello!

Your gift will help sustain our local business community

Total Raised as of May 28, 2020:  $806,755

Thank you for your readiness to support the local business owners who do so much to enrich our summers.

Don't be daunted by our giving categories - ambitious goals require ambitious giving! 


Every gift, regardless of size, increases the amount of support we can provide.

There are three ways to contribute: 

  • Credit Card: Use the form on this page

  • Check: Send a check payable to

    Summer Residents Association
    Covid-19 Relief Fund
    P.O. Box 142
    Northeast Harbor, ME 04662


  • Wire: Email John Boynton at for instructions

The generosity of all donors will be tastefully recognized on a sign board

displayed at the center of Main Street in Northeast Harbor.

Fine print:  Because we are a 501(c)4 organization, your gift is not tax deductible. However, the IRS may make an exception due to the Covid-19 crisis, so we will continue to monitor and advise should that occur.


We plan to post the names of all donors to recognize their generosity. If you prefer your donation to be anonymous, you can check the "anonymous" box when making your donation online or let us know by email if you are donating by check or wire.  The donor list will be updated nightly.  


We thank the organizations and individuals who have made contributions to the 

Covid-19 Relief Fund.

Their generous support makes this program possible and is a testament to their commitment to our community.

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The SRA is pleased to be able to initiate the fundraising with a $50,000 gift.

Giving Tiers




  • Chris & Binkie Orthwein

  • Mr. & Mrs. Andrew A. Davis / The Shelby Cullom Davis Charitable Fund

Dorr Mountain

$75,000 - $99,999

  • Sally & Leonard Leo

Somes Sound

$50,000 - $74,999

  • Summer Residents Association of TMD

  • The 4 Rosengarten Sisters:
          Sydie R Lansing
          Clara R Urbahn
          Lynn R Horowitz
          Joan R Van der Grift

Cadillac Mountain

$25,000 - $49,999

  • Members of the David Rockefeller Family

  • Christine & Pasco Alfaro

  • Julia Merck and Hans Utsch

  • Robert & Arlene Kogod

Sargent Mountain

$10,000 - $24,999

  • Bill & Emma Roberts

  • John & Johanna Boynton

  • Mitchell & Emily Rales

  • Beverly & Peter Orthwein

  • Benjie & Metsie Neilson

  • Joan Mackie

  • The Blaine Family

  • Steven & Lalage Rales

  • In Memory of Rogie & Charley Dickey from their family
          Charley Dickey & Sheila Wycoff-Dickey
          Dubs & Rob Dickey
          Heidi & David Fitz
          Sylvia & Gordon Whitman
          Catherine Dickey

  • Nonie & John Sullivan

Bubble Rock

$5,000 - $9,999

  • GWK Investment Management

  • Jim & Anne Green

  • Bar Harbor Bank & Trust

  • Hudson/Draganic Families

  • William Morris

  • Sarah Saint-Amand

  • Douglas Lake



  • Megan & Christopher Scott

  • Anna & Chuck Woodward

  • Thomas Fremont-Smith

  • Gary & Harriet Madeira

  • Chris & Penny Austen

  • Liz & Arthur Martinez

  • Charles Target & Anne Zahner

  • Barbara J. Trimble

  • Russell & Elanor Notides

  • Felicia Falt

  • 10 Rosengarten Cousins
          Jason Briggs
          Gerrity Lansing
          Lily Riesenfeld
          Alexis Byrne
          Clara Peterson
          Penny Luce
          Fritz Van der Grift
          Sims Lansing
          Mimi Richards
          Jack Horowitz

  • J. Michael Lawrie

Around Mountain

$1,000 - $4,999

  • The First / First National Bank of Bar Harbor

  • Kita & Chris Reece

  • Louise Johnston

  • William Trimble III

  • Gail & Ham Clark

  • Bonnie & John Olsen

  • Cammie & Geoff Disston

  • Luke & Juliet Van Alen

  • Letitia Roberts

  • Didi & Mike Bouscaren

  • Matthew & Elizabeth Baird

  • Margot & Boykin Rose

  • Sarah & James Johnson

  • Anonymous

  • Mary Webster

  • Conor & Elisabeth Kehoe

  • Liza & Tim McCahan

  • Boo & Morris Stroud

  • Eleuthera Grassi

  • Pam & Steve Madeira

  • Louise Riemer

  • Katie & Tony Schaeffer

  • Margaret & Clay Hamner

  • Jay Habermann & Jung Pak

  • Mazzie & Charlie Gogolak

  • Susie Durocher & Martha Loring in memory of their father Mike Chace

  • Sydney Davis

  • Katherine Gates McCoy

  • Anne Stroud

  • Fielder Hiss

  • Laura & Berno Hamilton

  • Carol & Rick Malone

  • Rob & Laura Griffen

  • Ryan Schultz

  • Kathleen Dennis

  • Cassandra Watson

  • Jared Roberts

  • Robert & Lisa Loring

  • William & Almyne Atterbury

  • Peter & Bonny Rogers

  • Edgar Scott

  • Bill & Wendy Foulke

  • Anne & Henry Ogilby

  • Brian & Daphne Walsh

  • Charles R. Merriman III

  • Lynne M. Wheat

  • Rob & Urling Searle

  • Cyndi & Kent Schmidt

  • Susan Roberts

  • Anonymous


  • Hod & Tricia Nalle

  • Ellen Nalle Hass & Family

  • Wendy & Clark Grew


Under $1,000

  • Sally Merchant

  • Maggie Hays

  • Kathy Miller

  • Jordan Lawrie

  • Tori & George Eichleay

  • Micki Sumpter

  • Bibby & Tom Loring

  • Temple Grassi

  • Patricia Roberts


  • Anonymous

  • Robert Liebow in honor of Wilfred Bunker

  • Anonymous in honor of Marie Louise Poe

  • Susan & Herman Goldsmith

  • Lily Reece

  • Doug & Edith Naegele

  • Anonymous

  • Mairzy & Alex Krulic

  • Nancy & Al Gleason

  • Claire & Sam Nitze

  • Joe Mitchell

  • David Burr / SR Tracy, Inc.

  • Anonymous

  • Olivia McCahan

  • In Memory of Dorothy Stephens

  • Jamie McCahan

  • Susanne Coffin

  • Tad & Diane Templeton

  • Anne Madeira

  • Anne & Morris Kellett

  • Doug & Kathy Compton

  • Schuyler Reece

  • Lila Dupree

  • Ned & Karen Nalle

  • Liza Hays

  • Will Green

  • Laura Madeira

  • Anonymous

  • Alix Diana

  • Antoinette Gayelin

  • Anonymous

  • Michael Arnheiter

  • Katherine Bell

  • Gregory Dennis

  • Mariana Sorenson

  • William & Sandra Brewer in memory of Leslie C. Brewer

  • Christine Strawbridge

  • Howard & Karen Lapsley

  • Jim Draper

  • Bella Nalle

  • Sara K. Dennis

  • Griffin Nalle

  • Anonymous

  • Thomas Hudson

  • Robert Hudson

  • Larry Goldfarb

  • Kacie Madeira

  • William Madeira

  • Victoria McIlhenny

  • Anonymous

  • Sheila Clark

  • Theodore Notides

  • Tacy Connell

  • Paul Douglass

  • Helen Grassi Vest

  • Winifred Miller

  • Charles P. Schutt Jr.

  • Elizabeth Neilson

  • Helen Chace

  • Teresa Gray / The Docksider

  • Teresa Gray in memory of Lloyd Norwood

  • Sheila Pulling

The Mission of the SRA is to provide an effective means of communication between the summer residents and the Town Leadership on issues that concern the current and future well-being of the Town.  The Board of Directors of the Corporation seeks to represent the views of the summer residents and to keep them informed of, and involved in, the Town planning process on current and future issues.


Further, the SRA seeks to be the timely and constructive voice of the summer residents with the Town government, working closely with the Town leaders to preserve and protect the unique character, culture, environment, and quality of life of the town, through both a voice and financial contributions to further the mission of the Summer Residents Association.

For more information, please contact anyone on our Board of Directors or reach Board Member John Boynton at

Want help launching a relief fund for businesses in your community?  We're happy to share our experience and tools.

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