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The Mission of the SRA is to provide an effective means of communication between the summer residents and the Town Leadership on issues that concern the current and future well-being of the Town.  The Board of Directors of the Corporation seeks to represent the views of the summer residents and to keep them informed of, and involved in, the Town planning process on current and future issues.


Further, the SRA seeks to be the timely and constructive voice of the summer residents with the Town government, working closely with the Town leaders to preserve and protect the unique character, culture, environment, and quality of life of the town, through both a voice and financial contributions to further the mission of the Summer Residents Association.

to JOIN or for more information, please contact executive director Tracey Aberman at

Board of the SRA of TMD:

Jim Green, President
​Ned Nalle, Vice President &
 Nominating Chair
Marnie Phillips, Treasurer & Secretary

Perot Bissell

Cammie Disston
Whitney Drayton

Fran Fremont-Smith
Inness Hancock
Will Hudson 
Lillie Johnson
Jack Katz
John Slater Jr.
Georgina Winthrop

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